Innovative Silicone Electric Toothbrush

PomaBrush Set


Charging Case

Brush Head

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Enjoy PomaBrush

2 times a day

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Needs to be

only 3 times per year

The brush itself holds 1 month of charge, and its compact charging case extends this for an additional 3 months.

Ideal for travel or
outdoor use

Beautiful bathroom
without wires

The most effective clean

even for sensitive teeth
and gums

Made possible by an Innovative Silicone Brush Head and
15,000 Powerful & Soft vibrations per minute.

Nylon brush head

for the deepest clean

Super soft charcoal infused PBT nylon bristles designed to
remove surface stains.

Silicone brush head

for sensitive teeth
and gums

The silicone brush head won't hurt your gums or damage enamel even with frequent brushing.

No pain for teeth
and gums

Сarefully removes
plaque from the tongue

Gently massages
the gums

No need for replacement
for up to 6 months

Incredible tactile


Enjoy brushing your teeth with the revolutionary
sensations of PomaBrush.

Customer Love

Poma Brush

From NY to Sydney, London to Capetown – thousands of our awesome customers enjoy PomaBrush at least twice a day


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PomaBrush invites you

to shower together

With its IPX7 certification and advanced technology,
PomaBrush is resistant to water damage and safe to use
while showering.


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Dr Savan Shah | London 🇬🇧

"A lot of people are trying to save on dental basics what leads to spending more on dentists like myself. I always recommend using PomaBrush as a premium solution that guarantees the best result"

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Dr Zainab Mackie | Detroit 🇺🇸

"I would specifically recommend PomaBrush patients with sensitive teeth and gums as a replacement for soft manual toothbrushes. Overall, I would rate PomaBrush 5/5 in terms of value for money"



This sleek and stylish dock is the perfect home for your PomaBrush. Just hold
the brush up to the dock’s shiny surface, and your PomaBrush will clip onto it
— seemingly floating in the air, decluttering your sink and making your
bathroom look even more like a minimalist’s dream home!

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Enjoy White Classic PomaCase or Level-up your brushing
experience with Premium Carbon Edition.

The perfect gift for

for that special

Your loved ones or colleagues will appreciate the unique
qualities of PomaBrush and will enjoy using it twice a day.



120 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If, for whatever reason, you decide that
PomaBrush isn’t right for you, we will refund your purchase within 120 days from the day that you received the toothbrush.

2 year warranty

If your PomaBrush does not work as expected, we will repair any parts or replace your toothbrush entirely so that you can enjoy the Poma smile.

Powered by Dentists

To create the ultimate toothbrush, dentists played a key role in the development and testing of PomaBrush.




8 inches (205mm)


0.7 inches (20mm)


1.79 ounces (51g)


9.3 inches (235mm)


1.4 inches (35mm)


5.9 ounces (168g)

Motor Power:

15 000 vibrations per minute

Motor Body:

100% Food-Grade Silicone Surface

Brush Head:

Nylon brush head: Food-Grade Silicone Exterior Bristles & Nylon Interior Bristles.
Silicone brush head: Food-Grade Silicone Bristles.

Travel case plastic material:


Charging type:

Inducting Charging


Rechargable Li-ion Battery: 350 mAh for PomaBrush and 1500 mAh for PomaCase.

Charging specs:

5-6 hours for travel case 5V, 300 mAh
8 hours for toothbrush 3.7V, 50 mAh