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100% TPE-S recyclable

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As the straw is completely open, beverage residues have no chance! Simply wash by hand or in the dishwasher and clean! Without feeling bad, without brushing!

Really Clean


Less Germs

Why Click Straw Is a
Better Solution ?

ClickStraw is faster, better and easier to clean than other drinking straws, but there are many other reasons why ClickStraw is a better choice!


The viral images of a turtle with a whole plastic drinking straw pulled out of its nose moved us all very much.
Since then, many start-ups have tried to develop an environmentally friendly disposable drinking straw. The most adventurous products were created from many materials. Straw, apple and even pasta drinking straws – to name a few. The real problem behind this was not understood. The mentality behind single-use products is what harms our planet. Just imagine what a valuable service apples, straw and pasta do, especially in underdeveloped countries. And then you develop a product from a raw material that is actually supposed to provide nutritional values ​​in order to consume a drink. If that weren’t bad enough, this product will still be disposed of after a single use. All this potential and wasted energy for 90 seconds of drinking fun. It’s grotesque.

Why Click Straw?


So what do we do when the ban on single-use plastic comes in 2021? Disposable drinking straws with or from biological components cause many difficulties. In addition to the ethical / moral concerns, these stalks dissolve in the drink, change its taste or color and spoil – even if they are unused in the cupboard. Organic material is always a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, even if the straws are in the closet! In addition, almost all of these straws are unsuitable for hot drinks, not to mention the garbage that arises! Not good alternatives.


The only way can only be more way! The best drinking straw doesn’t even end up in the trash! Just as lunch boxes or Tupperware are sustainable, so are reusable drinking straws. But conventional reusable drinking straws have major disadvantages! Glass straws, for example, are not break-proof. Glass straws can break quickly on the edges of a table, especially in the hands of children, turning them into pointed and sharp-edged tools with a high risk of injury. Metal straws, like glass, are also very hard and uncomfortable to use. These materials also transmit the beverage temperature. This is uncomfortable with very hot or very cold drinks.

By far the most important reason that speaks against reusable drinking straws at the moment is the cleaning problem! Although you can put straws made of glass and metal in the dishwasher, there is always the risk of fruit pulp, chocolate chips or other residues getting caught in the straw. Our tests have shown that drinking straws are only cleaned effectively 7 cm high in the dishwasher. Anything beyond that won’t get clean! The small size of the drinking straws makes cleaning difficult. The specialist speaks here of the flushing shadow!


Sustainably oriented restaurateurs cannot avoid reusable solutions. The high time pressure in the catering industry bites with the additional expense of conventional straws. After the rinse cycle, employing a worker who only cleans drinking straws is uneconomical. Disposable solutions such as bamboo, pasta or apples also rot if they are unused in the cupboard. Clearly with organic materials! And which restaurateur wants to pay attention to the best-before date of his drinking straw or offer his guests moldy drinking straws?
That is why conventional reusable drinking straws are also supplied with a brush, which ironically in many cases is also made of plastic and has its own (usually very short) lifespan. There is then again garbage!
Each stalk has to be brushed and checked individually after the wash cycle – who has the time for that?
With ClickStraw this is a thing of the past. As little effort as disposable, as sustainable as reusable!

It’s a truth that hardly anyone wants to hear today, but our global garbage problem has nothing to do with plastic. It has something to do with responsibility. Responsibility for our garbage. No matter where we are going in the world, our garbage is there long before us.
The garbage in our oceans is created because it is not separated, recycled and processed. Our garbage is sold, also in Germany. Quite legally and officially. Mostly to companies that ship this garbage to African countries. There, the garbage is combed through under the worst conditions, by hand and without protective equipment, and ends up in a hole in the ground or in the sea. This is happening on an industrial scale and all developed countries are involved. Millions of tons of waste, including plastic, end up in the sea or in holes in the ground every year.

HELY Produkte GmbH would like to do it differently. We take responsibility for our products, even after many years of use. If you no longer love your ClickStraw, we will take the straw back free of charge and dispose of it properly in industrial recycling plants.

There it is processed into its components in order to convert the petrochemical plastics back into secondary granulate and then return them to the cycle of use. We face our responsibility and ensure that our ClickStraws do not go the way of the rest of the waste. Because the best drinking straw is the one that doesn’t end up in the garbage in the first place.

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The ClickStraw is made of pure TPE. This is not only particularly robust and ensures that your ClickStraw will have a long life, but it can also be easily recycled. To ensure that this happens, we take back every ClickStraw and make sure that it gets a new life!


What makes CLICKSTRAW sustainable is what makes your lunch box sustainable: multiple use!


Our tests have shown that ClickStraw reusable drinking straws have fewer germs than drinking straws made of glass, metal or bamboo - and that after being washed in the dishwasher!

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