EQUO Grass Drinking Straws


  • Natural green colour—made from dried grass
  • Contains no chemicals or plastics
  • Perfect for adults and children too
  • Decomposes in the soil or in the compost bin

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Product Features

All Natural

Grass straws are non-plastic and made of 100% Grey Sedge grass. Measures at approximately 7.75″ (20cm) and diameter of 0.2″ (0.6cm). Every straw is hand-picked, cut, and cleaned to ensure the right straws fit your needs. Our straws are a great ecological alternative to reduce single-use plastic consumption and ocean pollution. When you’re done, they are fully disposable and can be composted in your garden.

Top quality

Grass straws are sturdy, crunchy and unlike paper straws they won’t get soggy! No more sacrificing how you enjoy your drink. These environmentally friendly dried grass straws work perfectly for daily drinks such as water, juices, coffees, soft drinks. Suitable for hot and cold drinks, children and adults. Great for a party, picnics, restaurants, bars, camping.