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Our mission is to bring healthy smile to everyone


PomaFloss is the perfect addition to your toothbrushing experience. It helps to clean interdental space, remove food leftovers and massage gums.


Perfect for jetting around town. Lightweight & durably constructed. Stash it in your bag & clean teeth anywhere


Quickly cleans food debris and plaque between teeth, under gums and around brackets


Lasts for 30 days without recharge. Water-resistant USB-C charging port. Reversible cable included.


Manufactured with safe and skin-friendly, non-toxic & BPA-free materials.

The next-gen flosser

Toothbrushes can’t simply reach some areas of your mouth — PomaFloss water flosser helps to achieve best results for your oral health. High pressure and powerful water stream quickly cleans food debris and plaque between teeth and under gums.

360° clean just in a click

Your healthy smile and enjoyable flossing routine is all around 360°. Rotating jet tip made to reach every part of your mouth and guarantee flawless cleanliness.

– Jet tip easily snaps into place

– Tip rotates 360°

– Never miss a spot to clean

Easy-fill water tank

Detach water reservoir with an easy twist and quickly fill it in with 100 mL of water – large enough for 1 clean.

– Easy to fill in and clean

– Enough for 1 clean

– Effortless refill

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What dentists think of water flossers
“When used in addition to toothbrushing, a water flosser can reduce bleeding gums by 37%”

“When compared to traditional string floss, water flossing has been shown to be significantly better for removing plaque and reducing bleeding and gingivitis”

“Water flossers are a super gentle yet effective way to clean around the teeth, braces and dental implants”

Frequently Asked Questions

All you have to do is get the device filled up with water and power it on.This causes it to produce water streams that help to clean around your gum line and in between your teeth.

Yes. Water flossers are very effective at removing plaque and debris in hard to reach areas. The water helps flush out bacteria and leaves the mouth in a much healthier state with regular use.

And there is plenty of research to prove it.

If you’re wondering if there’s research to prove the value of water flossers, this device has undergone over fifty evaluations.

In over twenty clinical trials, positive outcomes were recorded for its effectiveness in the reduction of bleeding gums and gingivitis.

The findings from a 2013 study point to the fact that combining brushing with water flossing is potentially more effective in the removal of plaque than combining string flossing with a manual brush.

Yes, water flossers are a great tool to blast plaque away especially in hard to reach areas and irrigate in between teeth.

Absolutely. The results of oral irrigation flossers are amazing at helping to get rid of plaque and bacteria that cause bleeding gums and gingivitis.

Water flosser vs. String floss. Who wins?

Is water flossing as effective as traditional string floss?

Findings from a study that appeared in a clinical dentistry journal showed that the effectiveness of water flossing is about 29% more when compared to traditional flossing.

The overall level of plaque removal was seen to be better with water flossers.

Even if the sample size was not that large, this is great news for people who are enthusiastic about water flossing. 

So, Is a water flosser as good as flossing and does a mouth water irrigator replace regular flossing?

This oral pulsating irrigator performs its function by aiming water streams at your teeth.

This makes it effective at eliminating food particles and plaque buildup that is lodged between your teeth.

It can also help to reduce the level of gum disease and bleeding that you experience.

A water flosser is great but it does not fully replace traditional flossing.

Water flossing should not be seen as a total substitute for traditional flossing and manual brushing. This is because even if it helps to reduce how much bacteria you have in your gum line, it may not effectively remove all the plaque and visible film that you have on your teeth.

It is an even better idea to combine the water flosser with traditional flossing because the process can help to get rid of bacterial colonies and rinse the areas clean.

One reason that we highly recommend a water flosser is that it doesn’t need as much manual dexterity.

This is an ideal tool for patients that have difficulty in cleaning in between the teeth whenever they want to floss. 

If you want to keep your oral health in top shape, flossing at least once a day is highly recommended.

But it is common knowledge that some people have challenges when it comes to using traditional floss.

For this reason, water flossers come in handy. But you should also seek the advice of your dentist before swapping your string floss with an oral irrigator.

This is because your dental hygienist can assist you in deciding how is best to use this tool to effectively clean your teeth and gums.