Snackbox: Sichuan Mala 麻辣 HotPot


It’s time to turn up the heat in this ensemble. Spicy, numbing, and fragrant, with three favourite hotpot ingredients in one pack!

Our signature fish skin crisps set you off on a fiery journey, while the sneaky sweetness from our trio of mushrooms gives you a moment of calm respite. But. Only. Just. What’s this? the familiar beancurd skin you thought you knew? Hang on tight as it throws you a new tempting dare.

This mind-numbing medley bids you “come try”. It’s a Mala 麻辣 party and you’re invited!

Flavour notes:

  • Complex and fragrant – with 17 herbs and spices
  • Spicy and numbing – red and green peppercorns
  • Smoky, from the roasted fish skin
  • Sweet, from the mushroom trio
  • Crisp and airy, from the crispy beancurd skin

Quantity: 5x 105g

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Product Features

Mala Hot Pot

THE MIND-NUMBING MEDLEY FROM SICHUAN. Taking inspiration from the heatwave of Mala 麻辣 frenzy that flowed from Sichuan down through Southeast Asia, we wanted to create a snack that would challenge how Mala 麻辣 snacks were perceived.Picking common ingredients found in Mala 麻辣 hotpots, and ‘xiang-guo’s (literally translated : ‘fragrant wok’), we curated an ensemble involving our signature fish skin crisps, fluffy tofu (or beancurd) skin, and three types of mushrooms — shiitake, oyster and shimeji. Mmm..Settle for less? nah.