Snackbox: Salted Egg Crab Seaweed Tempura


The pleasing graininess of our famous salted-egg yolks balances perfectly with light, tempura-battered roasted seaweed, created and prepared with all the magic of our kitchens.

This journey is an ocean of flavours – the sweetness of real crab (yes, real crab meat), slightly smoky seaweed, and the rich umami of a salted Egg finish. Mmm..

Flavour notes:

Rich and creamy – an umami bomb
Underlying notes of the sea
Roasted seaweed
A hint of spice

Quantity: 5x 105g

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Product Features

Salted-egg crab seaweed tempura

A SEA OF UMAMI.It was a reckless feat, we have to admit — trying to create a snack using such complex ingredients and components.The sweetness of real crab meat; the bold umami of salted-eggs; the fragrant spice of chili and curry leaves, all brought together on tempura-coated squares of seaweed — oh boy, what could go wrong?Thankfully nothing.Taste wave after wave of umami magic in is perfectly balanced snack-hit.