Snackbox: Salted Egg Yolk Potato Ridges


How do you get to potato chip heaven?

Start with real ingredients, naturally. We use salted-egg yolks cured to the hue of a golden sunset. We then systematically slice each potato to get the perfect ridged cut – the rhythmic rise and fall of every groove holding on to the richest bits of the taste you love.

Each crunch is a satisfying explosion of flavours – the graininess of real salted eggs, a hint of curry leaves, and a dab of spice. Truly divine.

Flavour notes:

  • Rich, yet light – like Prince William as a baby
  • Fragrant curry leaves
  • Medium saltiness, lightly sweet
  • A hint of spice!

Quantity: 5x 105g

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Product Features

Salted egg yolk potato ridges

A BEAUTIFUL MESS.Oh where do we begin with our salted-egg yolk potato ridges? Ah, with the ridges of course — the rise and fall of each groove making little valleys for our gourmet salted-egg yolk mix to nestle and hide, loading each chip with 100x more flavour (a yummy anecdotal) than regular Joe potato chips.Pour them out; relish the initial aroma of creamy salted-eggs and fragrant curry leaves; take pictures of your beautiful mess, and fall in love with your new favourite snack. Repeat.